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Making a difference

We care, just like you do! So, that’s why we like to do our bit to help save the planet. There is always more we can do though, so feel free to share your ideas to help us make a difference.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability means that we:
  • Recycle all waste paper, cartridges
  • Reuse boxes where we can for dispatching
  • Reduce packaging by delivering in person, so no additional protection required
  • Using an emulsion aggregate - eco toner which has a lower melting point than standard inks means we use 25 percent less energy
Use recycled and or FSC based materials and suppliers which means –
  • Wildlife habitat and different species in the forests are protected
  • High conservation value forests are preserved
  • Forest management is monitored annually
  • Worker safety and well-being is enhanced
  • The rights of indigenous people are respected
  • Communities are valued
  • Waterways are safeguarded
  • Pesticide use is reduced